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Sreshtachara Sabha

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Sreshtachara Sabha was formed under the guidance of Acharya M.T.Viswanathan , a scholar and a  Sree Vidhya Upasaka , around 16 years ago in Calicut, Kerala to spread the message of Sadhana to the common man.

This is a non profitable organization , Its doors are always open for sadhakas and students without caste or creed discrimination .Since 1995 ,till today the sabha had given adhyayanam to more than 1500 aspirants and encourages them to perform these rituals throughout their life as a part of Sadhana .A notable faction of its students ,who successfully completed their training , is engaged in the work of propagating this knowledge in the society.

The background:

If we look back two to three generations, we see that we had a tradition of mantra japam / Sadhana in our families. This was not done by Sanyasis, but by our family members or in other words, the ‘Gruhastha’. Our forefathers lived a peaceful life due to their Sadhana and Thapass. Apparently we lost our culture of japam or sadhana of any kind.Every family has a kula devatha (Family godess), In kerala for 95% of the families it is Bhadra Kali. Kula devathas protect the entire family from hardship and challenges. But now, many of us do not know about our Kula Devatha. Of the few who know, many do not know why and how to worship our Kula Devatha.Ganapathy Homa and Bhagavathy Seva used to be performed in every house for overall benefit of all family members, and it was performed by head of the family, irrespective of caste or creed and not someone from the outside.Over the course of years, due to influence of western thoughts, we lost this culture and are forced to hire someone to perform Pujas and other rituals for us. We let our basic culture go from our hands.

Srestachara Sabha was formed to revive this golden culture into our society.

How Srestachara Sabha works in our society

People from all walks of life irrespective of sex, caste or creed are provided guidance and training in mantra sadhana and also in performing various rituals by themselves in the true meaning with scientific and logical reasoning of its significance in our lives. Till date, the divine message of Sadhana and Thappassu has reached more than 1000 families.

Sadhana for Gruhasthan (family man)

a) To live life in its true meaning and essence and not to leave our desires and wishes behind, but to fulfill them effectively according to sanadhana dharma. Regular Sadhana attains a person purity in thought, makes him brave enough to face challenges.

b) Self Mutation:

According to the post modern science, we have traits of seven generations before us. The answer to how or from whom we get our body, our character and our thought process is with no doubt from our father and mother. And similarly, they get theirs, from their parents. In short, we inherit the genes from our parents and our forefathers. This is the basic reason that when we offer rituals, we offer it for seven generations before us.At the gene level, which we inherited from our parents, and we will pass this to our kids. All our traits (physical, behavioural, psychological) both positive and negative are embedded in the gene. If there are changes within us, if we cultivate more goodness, the corresponding change will be reflected in the gene level. This has been scientifically proven.

So if we are able to refine or fine tune our gene to a better one, by all means, our next generation will be gifted with a better gene than us. If we had removed the negatives within us, they will be born with more positive energy than us. If we inspire them to live this way, new generation will have more positive forces than us. If we can create a conscious change now, we can create a generation equivalent to God or the Devas.

The question now, is how to remove the negative forces within us? The answer is very simple. Increase the positive force within us. Increase the divinity with in us. Practise sadhana, Positive mantras will purify us and increase divinity within. This is the sole and the only purpose of any kind of sadhana. And all our rituals and poojas are just a tool to accomplish this. This is basic essence of Tantra, which means ‘a technique’. - Technique to increase the divinity within.

c) To have a better life:

Many a times, we are unable to attain our goals whether materialistic or spiritual due to our limitations. This may be internal or external. To overcome these limitations, our own efforts alone may not be sufficient, so we fail or just we give up.
To overcome these obstacles, we need the support or help of the divine ,We need more iswareeyatha within us. Sadhana is the answer to this. Sadhana increases the positive energy that is exists within us.

Srestachara Sabha guides the common man to live a responsible, meaningful and complete life and teaches the techniques to increase divinity within

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