Monday, 1 March 2010

Discourse on Gayahtri Sadhana

Discourse on Gayahtri  Sadhana

By : Shri M.T.Viswanathan , a scholar and Sree Vidhya Upasak,

Venue: Indian Heritage Centre , Koramangala, Banagalore

Date: March 20th

1. Importance of Gayahtri Manthra and Sadhana

2.How sadhana could improve your

a) Family life
b) Personal life
c) Peace of Mind
d) Spiritual aspect
e) Social responsibility
f) World peace

3. What is Gayahtri Yagam , its benefits to us, to our family , to human

4. Why a grahasthan (family man ) should do sadhana

5.  Questions and interactions  

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