Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Swadeshi Science Movement

 Swadeshi Science Movement
    SSM is a nationalistic, patriotic and humanistic science movement where science involving both technology and engineering is aimed at social development,social harmony ecological balance and environmental sanctity . Its a totally constructive and positive movement. It stands for propagating and establishing the Bharatheeya world view on science ,where from a single frame work ,all the three knowledge systems viz , natural science, social science, spiritual science ,have been developed integrally , historically and all inclusively , right from the Vedic times .

It stands to teach the younger generation the untold contributions and history of our great grandfathers and mothers. These will inspire them and give the courage and confidence to follow those foot steps. SSM Kerala has to take them to the modern world and equip them to face the challenges and to move forward.With one hand on the line of our traditional knowledge and culture. It inspires the younger generation of this land to walk forward to the future with strong steps and full conviction.
It inspires them to regain the past glory and reconstruct this world  into a paradise of peace and prosperity

After Shri C.V.Raman we have none to be proud of among the golden array of Nobel Laureates. Apart from J.C.Bose, M.N.Saha and a few others , we are in bankruptcy of young scientific talents. We neither understand the treasure of our traditional wisdom nor generate modern scientific and technological innovations with strong
philosophical base . Though the thoughts and dreams are sprouting among the crores, which is plenty enough to make this country an unchallengeable one in science, technology and engineering, the move is not
gaining amble momentum 

SSM stands for :

  1. To bring together of the country engaged in research work in the field of science and technology
  2. To create awareness and giving exposure to the young generation about the scientific and technological needs of our country
  3. To have the interface between senior scientists and technocrats and the young scientific community
  4. To synchronies the social needs with the existing and forthcoming research work in the country, familiarizing the youngsters with the achievements of the country's R&D institutions.
  5. To identify the young and creative minds and encourage them with proper support and guidance
  6. To raise the quality and level of research on science in various fields
  7. To encourage the multidisciplinary interactions

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