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Physics meets the GOD

How quantum physics meets GOD? 

How modern Physics reaches to Indian Spirituality or Sanadhana Dharma.

From childhood itself, a common man hears the word ‘God’. But who is God or what you mean by this ‘Supreme Power’ we shall explain this in the light of modern Physics. I

n fact, science and Spirituality has a clear link in between. In the past we lost this connection somehow and science took a turn towards materialistic approach

Lets first see the evolution of Physics : 

       Until the invention of quantum physics, scientists were thinking that everything in this Universe is made up of matter. This approach had a drawback that it couldn’t establish the common link between all the creations in the Universe. For example it couldn’t explain the thought process clearly; in other words, it couldn’t explain why the thoughts of one person affect the other. 

Now Science is re-establishing the link to spirituality through quantum physics. 

In 1924, Louis de Broglie proposed the idea that just as light has both wave-like and particle-like properties, matter also has wave-like properties. Then the scientists began to realize that there are other levels of reality than the material level. Soon the differentiation between particle and waves began to vanish. 

At the University of Aberdeen, George Thomson passed a beam of electrons through a thin metal film and observed the predicted interference patterns. At Bell Labs, Davisson and Germer, guided their beam through a crystalline grid. Similar wave-like phenomena were later shown for atoms and even small molecules. Then the era of quantum physics born

 The scientists began to view object as quantum objects which has the property of both particle and wave. This is the concept of wave-particle duality: neither the classical concepts of "particle" or "wave" can fully describe the behavior of quantum-scale objects, either photons or matter. Wave-particle duality is an example of the principle of complementarity in quantum physics. 

Complementarity is the notion that a single quantum mechanical entity can behave either as a particle or as wave, but never simultaneously as both; a stronger manifestation of the particle nature leads to a weaker manifestation of the wave nature and vice versa. The principle states that sometimes an object can have several (apparently) contradictory properties. Sometimes we can switch back and forth between the different views, but we can never see both at the same time. 

But in reality, the figure exists as BOTH at the same time, but we can only perceive or view it one at a time, and never together. For example, we can think of electrons as both a particle or a wave or stream of particles depending on the situation. An object being a particle AND a wave, is seemingly mutually exclusive and not possible. But an electron, in some sense, is both at once.

In general, quantum objects—objects in quantum physics—began to be looked upon as waves of possibility. But these waves cannot be considered as ordinary waves because their properties do not match with that of ordinary waves within space and time. So they began to be recognized as waves in potential, waves of possibility, and the potential was recognized as transcendent, beyond matter somehow.

In 1982, Alain Aspect and his collaborators performed the great experiment that conclusively established the veracity of the spiritual notions, and particularly the notion of transcendence.

 This experiment proved that objects have connections with a transcendent potential outside space and time. What happened in this experiment is two photons (smallest unit of energy) emitted by an atom, which are going in opposite directions, could affect one another’s behavior at a distance without emitting any signals through space and this was instantaneous. 

Albert Einstein showed long ago that two objects can never affect each other instantly in space without emitting any signals because any signal must travel with maximum speed limit which is that of light. So any such influence should take a finite time to travel if it is traveling through space. But in Aspect’s experiment the photons could affect each other instantly without exchanging any signals. So they are doing it faster than the speed of light.

 In short the influence could not have traveled through space. Instead the influence must belong to a domain of reality that we must recognize as the transcendent domain of reality. This transcendent domain is called consciousness. 

This is the same supreme power what we common people call as ‘God’.

But here one question arises. In quantum physics, every object is a possibility wave. But, we see objects as definite things. How it is possible? We are nothing but brains which is made up of cells, atoms and elementary particles. So brain itself is a possibility wave. It cannot convert itself into reality. Then how can it convert the other possibility waves to definite objects? Then who does this conversion?  The answer is consciousness because it doesn’t obey quantum physics; or it is transcendent. Consciousness is not made of material. The material world of quantum physics is just possibility. It is consciousness, through the conversion of possibility into actuality, that creates what we see manifest. In other words, consciousness creates the manifest world.

Consciousness is the basic building block of this universe and nothing exists without consciousness. From this consciousness, material world manifests. Each and every religion tells the same. 

For example, in Hindu philosophy, this consciousness is called Shiva or Satchitananda Brahma. And now we can establish a clear link between all creations in this universe which is consciousness; connects everything in this material world. In short we all are one in spite of our cast, nationality, color etc. If people in the world understand this fact, there will not be hatred or war anymore.

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