Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Scientific aspect of Sadhana

Scientific aspect of Sadhana

There are many scientific aspects of Spiritual Sadhana we are starting with Self Mutation 

Self Mutation:

According to the post modern science, we have traits of seven generations before us. The answer to how or from whom we get our body, our character and our thought process is with no doubt from our father and mother. And similarly, they get theirs, from their parents. In short, we inherit the genes from our parents and our forefathers. This is the basic reason that when we offer rituals, we offer it for seven generations before us.

At the gene level, which we inherited from our parents, and we will pass this to our kids. All our traits (physical, behavioural, psychological) both positive and negative are embedded in the gene. If there are changes within us, if we cultivate more goodness, the corresponding change will be reflected in the gene level. This has been scientifically proven.

So if we are able to refine or fine tune our gene to a better one, by all means, our next generation will be gifted with a better gene than us. If we had removed the negatives within us, they will be born with more positive energy than us. If we inspire them to live this way, new generation will have more positive forces than us. If we can create a conscious change now, we can create a generation equivalent to God or the Devas.

The question now, is how to remove the negative forces within us? The answer is very simple. Increase the positive force within us. Increase the divinity with in us. Practise sadhana, Positive mantras will purify us and increase divinity within. This is the sole and the only purpose of any kind of sadhana. And all our rituals and poojas are just a tool to accomplish this. This is basic essence of Tantra, which means ‘a technique’. - Technique to increase the divinity within


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